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Photoinduced Magnetic Force Microscopy: Enabling Direct and Exclusive Detection of Optical Magnetism

Zeng, J., Albooyeh, M., Rajaei, M., Sifat, AA.,
arXiv preprint arXiv


Modern optical nano-elements pursue ever-smaller sizes and individualized functionalities. Those elements that can efficiently manipulate the magnetic field of light boast promising future applications with a great challenge: the magnetic near field is irretrievable from conventional optical far-field characterization. Here we propose photoinduced magnetic force microscopy to directly and exclusively sense the magnetic field of light at the nanoscale. The proposed instrument exploits a magnetic nanoprobe with exclusive magnetic excitation under structured light illumination. The magnetic nanoprobe detects the photoinduced magnetic force, which is defined as the dipolar Lorentz force exerted on the photoinduced magnetic dipole in the nanoprobe. Since the resulting magnetic force is proportional to the incident magnetic field, the measured force reveals the magnetic near-field distribution at the nanoscale. The proposed instrument represents a fundamental step towards comprehensive electric and magnetic nearfield detection and/or manipulation in single nano-element optical devices