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Organic Solar Cells

Nageswar, Y., Rao, V.,
Fundamentals of Solar Cell Design


Limitations faced in using fullerene as an acceptor molecule in BHJOSCs directed research toward non-fullerene-based acceptors in BHJOSCs. Polymer donor and small-molecule acceptor combination is successfully explored to develop higher performance BHJOSCs. Various novel small acceptor organic materials are synthesized and fabricated as sBHJOSCs in combination with suitable polymer donors available. Performances of organic solar cells improved to over 17%, and further, it may cross even 20%. Simultaneously, researchers explored fullerene all small molecules for BHJOSCs. All small-molecule BHJOSCs do not use polymer donor due to certain limitations. Progress achieved from these investigations is remarkable and the efficiency displayed is around 14%. Both the research lines are found to be exceptional and will provide further improvement in the solar cell efficiency. Various examples discussed in this chapter deal with the recent research results reported in the literature on both the research domains.

DOI: 10.1002/9781119725022.ch1