A low cost and high performance polymer donor material for polymer solar cells

Sun, C., Pan, F., Bin, H., Zhang, J., Xue, L., Qiu, B., Wei, Z., Zhang, ZG., Li, Y.
Nat Commun


The application of polymer solar cells requires the realization of high efficiency, high stability, and low cost devices. Here we demonstrate a low-cost polymer donor poly[(thiophene)-alt-(6,7-difluoro-2-(2-hexyldecyloxy)quinoxaline)] (PTQ10), which is synthesized with high overall yield of 87.4% via only two-step reactions from cheap raw materials. More importantly, an impressive efficiency of 12.70% is obtained for the devices with PTQ10 as donor, and the efficiency of the inverted structured PTQ10-based device also reaches 12.13% (certificated to be 12.0%). Furthermore, the as-cast devices also demonstrate a high efficiency of 10.41% and the devices exhibit insensitivity of active layer thickness from 100 nm to 300 nm, which is conductive to the large area fabrication of the devices. In considering the advantages of low cost and high efficiency with thickness insensitivity, we believe that PTQ10 will be a promising polymer donor for commercial application of polymer solar cells.

DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-03207-x