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Jahng, J., Ladani, FT., Khan, RM., Li, X., Lee, ES., Potma, EO.
A new method is presented for visualizing the electric field distributions associated with propagating surface-plasmon-polariton (SPP) modes directly in the near-field. The method is based on detecting the photo-induced gradient force exerted by the evanescent field onto a sharp and polarizable tip. Using a photo-induced...
Jahng, J., Fishman, DA., Park, S., Nowak, DB., Morrison, WA., Wickramasinghe, HK., Potma, EO.
The enormous advances made in nanotechnology have also intensified the need for tools that can characterize newly synthesized nanoaterials with high sensitivity and with high spatial resolution. Many existing tools with nanoscopic resolution or better, including scanning electron microscopy (SEM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), and...
Jahng, J., Brocious, J., Fishman, D., Yampolsky, S., Nowak, D., Huang, F., Apkarian, V., Wickramasinghe, H., Potma, E.
We perform time-resolved pump-probe microscopy measurements by recording the local force between a sharp tip and the photo-excited sample as a readout mechanism for the material’s nonlinear polarization. We show that the photo-induced force is sensitive to the same excited state dynamics as measured in...