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Jahng, J., Brocious, J., Fishman, D., Huang, F., Li, X., Tamma, V., Wickramasinghe, H., Potma, E.
A theoretical and experimental analysis of the dominant forces measured in photoinduced force microscopy is presented. It is shown that when operated in the noncontact and soft-contact modes, the microscope is sensitive to the optically induced gradient force (Fg) and the scattering force (Fsc). The...
Han, SW., Morita, K., Simona, P., Kihara, T., Miyake, J., Banu, M., Adachi, T.
Actin filaments play essential roles in many kinds of cellular functions by interacting with hundreds of actin binding proteins. Here we probe the interaction between actin filament and a binding protein, α-actinin, using an atomic force microscopy (AFM) and dynamic force spectroscopy (DFS). The distribution...
Reisch, A., Didier, P., Richert, L., Oncul, S., Arntz, Y., Mély, Y., Klymchenko, AS.
The current challenge in the field of fluorescent nanoparticles (NPs) for bioimaging is to achieve extreme brightness and external control of their emission using biodegradable materials. Here we propose a new concept of fluorescent polymer NPs, doped with ionic liquid-like salts of a cationic dye...