NCH-Au PiFM Cantilevers


Guaranteed to be contamination-free, our NCH-Au PiFM cantilevers are specifically designed to provide the best results for nano-IR experiments including PiFM, PiF-IR, and s-SNOM. The cantilevers are screened to ensure they will provide quick and reliable alignment as well as repeatable measurements. While similar cantilevers are available from other vendors, these are the only ones we can recommend without reservations.

These gold coated tips are based on stiff cantilevers for non-contact mode AFM, and they have a custom metal coating. Gold coated tips are easy to work with and provide excellent SNR on most samples. For more durability, we also offer platinum-iridium coated tips. The pricing includes reusable storage containers with bonus cantilevers available for repeat customers.

Uncoated cantilever information

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