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As a geoscientist working in the interdisciplinary area of biomineralization, I am very open for new approaches and cutting-edge analytical developments. My samples (i.e. nacre or mother-of-pearl) are usually challenging to analyze due to its anisotropic hardness, beam sensitivity, and insulating properties. PiFM simultaneously obtained topography and phase maps with unrivaled nano-scale resolution without inducing any sort of beam damage or sample consumption while complementing other analytical techniques such as atom probe tomography, synchrotron STXM, and S/TEM imaging. Already the first few PiFM measurements of nacre have confirmed that nano-scale organic inclusions contain proteinaceous material as previously suspected. I am enthusiastic to continue using PiFM for more aspects of my research and to deepen the collaboration with the expert staff at Molecular Vista!”

Dr Laura M OtterPostdoctoral Research Associate in Biomineralization
Department of Earth and Environmental Science
Macquarie University
NSW, Australia