Vista 200

Specially designed for semiconductor applications.


Vista 75

The next generation of PiFM & PiF-IR instruments.


Vista One

The original PiFM instrument and the most versatile tool for nano‑scale chemical analysis.

Services and Online Products


Contract Analysis Services

Get expert nano-IR analysis services on your samples. Expedited service available upon request.

NCH-PtIr AFM tip SEM image

Online Shop

Purchase contamination-free cantilevers for PiFM and PiF-IR.

Every Vista series microscope is built for advanced nano‑scale chemical analysis

Vista series microscopes are designed to be the easiest and most robust nano‑scale IR tools available.

AFM topography with PiFM images of polystyrene and poly(methyl methacrylate)

The finest point spectra

With a sub-5 nm spatial resolution, perform chemical analysis on smaller volumes than ever before.

Highest resolution chemical mapping

Collect the most detailed nano‑scale chemical maps with fixed-wavelength PiFM images.

The power of notching

Get clean spectra in one pass without damaging samples by using our selective power control notches.

3D results with depth control

Create more complete data sets by using multiple scanning modes.

Detect any molecule

Solve contamination issues or study detailed surface chemistry on organics and inorganics with our excellent molecular sensitivity.

Never miss a molecule

Get exhaustive data sets quickly using hyPIR™ images to record IR spectra at every pixel.

Latest Applications