Interfacial Study

Nanoscale Chemical Mapping Across an Interface

In order to study the polymer interface at high spatial resolution without the encumbrance of thermal drift that is frequent in slow imaging and spectroscopy, 64 x 64 pixel hyPIR image (1 sec/spectrum at each pixel) was taken.

19 spectra across the interface were analyzed. Each spectrum is taken about 12.5 nm away from the location of the previous spectrum. The height of the peaks associated with the resin and SDIB was compared with the 1275 peak to map out the chemical interface (right-most graph). One can see that the pDEGDA and SDIB inter-penetrate each other for about 100 nm depth. This is consistent with other PiFM measurements on samples with pDEGDA thickness of 100 nm or less where distinct pDEGDA layer was not observed.

Sample: Kookheon Char, Eui-tae Kim – Seoul National University


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