Bioplastic: PiFM images of Polylactic Acid (PLA) - Alkyl Acrylate Copolymer (ACM) Composite

Bioplastic nanocomposite – PLA, PiFM and Ecology

With global attention on the role that plastics play in our ecosystem, many researchers are investigating new bioplastic or “biodegradable polymer” alternatives to reduce the ecological impact of plastic packaging. One such promising thermoplastic is polylactic acid (PLA). This bioplastic decomposes into lactic acid and can be derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar […] Read more

Analyzing a Cross-section of a Semiconductor Trench

Cross-section of a Semiconductor Trench

In this sample, a trench in a semiconductor device is cross-sectioned and imaged by the Vista-IR microscope. Two different materials are highlighted based on the unique IR absorption bands for each material. Twenty-five spectra are acquired across the interface of the two materials, with 10 nm spacing between each spectrum. Looking at the peak at […] Read more

Plasmid DNA pUC19 and a filamentous bacteriophage M13

Bacteriophage M13 and Plasmid DNA pUC1

Given the height of the bacteriophage M13 (3-4 nm), a single bacteriophage may have been imaged at 1720 cm-1 (C=O) and 1667 cm-1 (amide I) via PiFM. As is the case in many instances, PiFM images reveal features that are not clear in topography. Filamentous Bacteriophage M13 and Plasmid DNA pUC19 Test sample from K-Tek Nanotechnology.

Combined PiFM image of a meteorite sample shows high concentration of organic compounds in a phyllosilicate-organic composite.

Meteorite – A Search for Organic Compounds

Molecular Vista’s technology deconvolves the chemical composition of a meteorite at the nanoscale. The study of the chemical composition of meteorites should answer important questions about the nature of our early solar system by allowing scientists to investigate the possibility of liquid water and complex organic compounds being a part of a meteorite’s matrix. Could meteorites be the seeds […] Read more

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