November 2018

Hyperspectral PiFM studies of source rock clearly and powerfully demonstrate the technique's ability to distinguish between inorganic and organic components in geologic mixtures. The differentiation between materials even extends to subclassifications of organics: aliphatic vs. aromatic REF: Eichmann, S., Nowak, D., Jacobi, D., & Burnham, N. (2018). Nanoscale Hyperspectral Characterization of Source Rock in Unconventional Reservoirs using Photo-Induced Force Microscopy. Microscopy and Microanalysis, 24(S1), 1040-1041.

Nanoscale Chemical Composition of Source Rock

Resolving the Nanoscale Chemical Composition of Source Rock using Hyperspectral Photo-Induced Force Microscopy Source rock or shale is a conglomeration of inorganic minerals –  e.g,  silicates and carbonates – interspersed with organic matter. Distinguishing the organic and inorganic phases may explain how nanoscale properties influence the properties of bulk rock. While topographic information (a) offers […] Read more

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