Webinar: Nanochemical Mapping of Inorganics

Get an inside look at the Vista-IR with Thomas Albrecht and Derek Nowak! Our webinar “Nanochemical Mapping of Inorganics with IR-PiFM” will be followed by Q&A on October 4th, 2017 at 11 AM PDT. Register today!

Molecular Vista webinar


Our highly versatile Vista-IR uses IR Photo-induced Force Microscopy to create chemical maps of sample surfaces. We will be focusing on applications which involve nanoscale structures of inorganic material. IR-PiFM is an AFM technique which integrates IR light spectroscopy with an unprecedented spatial and chemical sensitivity, often referenced as IR AFM or AFM IR. Learn more…


Thomas Albrecht, PhD
VP of Engineering and Product Development, Molecular Vista, Inc.

Derek Nowak, PhD
Director of Applications, Molecular Vista, Inc.


Registration is now closed. For a recording of the webinar, please follow this link: “Nanochemical Mapping of Inorganics with IR-PiFM”

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