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AFM topography 3d render
3 individual PiFM nanoscale chemical maps
PiFM combined nanoscale chemical absorbption maps 3d render
PiF-IR local point spectra

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Experts in nanoscale chemical analysis.

Get the full image using our Vista series nano‑IR microscopes. Featuring photo‑induced force microscopy (PiFM) and photo‑induced force IR spectroscopy (PiF‑IR).

PiF-IR spectra compared to FTIR spectra over AFM topography
PiF-IR spectra compared to FTIR spectra over AFM topography

Do the impossible

Perform chemical analysis on smaller volumes than ever before

PiFM allows fast and automated nano‑scale material analysis with minimal setup between samples.

Better than both FTIR and nano-FTIR.

PiF‑IR spectra provide FTIR-like results at the nano scale in milliseconds with even greater resolution and SNR than nano-FTIR.

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Vista series microscopes

Our instruments are the best solution for anyone working with nano‑scale materials, chemistry, or physics.

Vista One microscope head and objective

Integrity and care

We are a science-focused company with an emphasis on community.

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We are more than a vendor, we are a partner. At Molecular Vista, we make sure that each customer has the tools and knowledge needed for their demanding research or analysis.


Instruments are investments that should return years of service. We are devoted to maintaining backwards compatibility even as our technology advances.


Every company depends on its customers, but we want to be a company whose customers can depend on us. Integrity is key, so we honor our customers’ needs and respect their wishes during both sales and support.

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Expert chemical analysis

Our contract analysis service is the quickest way to get nano‑scale chemical information. Expedited service is available for crucial samples.


“We were happy to acquire the VistaScope from Molecular Vista. For the past few years, we have actively used the VistaScope to do photo-induced force microscopy (PiFM) measurements on thin-films of porous materials, including zeolites and metal-organic frameworks. This has been done to learn more about reaction intermediates and products, as catalyzed by these solid materials, as well as to study the adsorption of small molecules, currently even under in-situ conditions. Although these experiments are challenging, we have always had full support and help from the team of Molecular Vista. The great advantage is that meaningful infrared spectra can be measured at the nanoscale, and that comparison with other bulk analytical methods, are possible, thereby linking the nanoworld with the macroscopic world. We can very much recommend the VistaScope to anyone interested in performing infrared nano-spectroscopy of functional materials, not limited to solid catalysts.”

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Bert M. Weckhuysen, PhD.Distinguished University Professor | Department of Chemistry
Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science | Utrecht University
Utrecht, 3584 CG Utrecht, the Netherlands

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