• Nano-IR Photo-induced Force Microscopy (PiFM) – Robust & Stunning Nanoscale Chemical Imaging & Spectroscopy

    Think of PiFM as supercharged nano-FTIR imaging with ~5 nm spatial resolution and superfast nanoscale IR spectroscopy (as fast as 0.1 second for full spectrum.) PiFM acquires both topography and chemical signature at the nanometer scale and demonstrates excellent sensitivity (monolayer), good correlation to bulk FTIR spectra, and universal applicability to a wide range of organic and inorganic materials. The images of PLA-ACM composite & spectra on the right were generated in <60 min. from start to finish. Click to see a video of the imaging session.

  • PiFM imaging of PLA-ACM composite & spectra

  • Recent Developments

    In addition to hyPIRTM (hyperspectral PiFM infrared images consisting of nano IR spectrum for each pixel), we are excited to share a hyperspectral s-SNOM image where s-SNOM signal as a function of wavelength is acquired at each pixel of this 128 x 128 image of hBN. Shown below are four s-SNOM images at four wavenumbers created from the hyperspectral image. Click to see a video of the full hyperspectral s-SNOM image.

    hyPIR (hyperspectral PiFM infrared - an image consisting of nano IR spectrum for each pixel) of hBN

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  • What’s new?

    Read about an exciting new application of PiFM in the visible wavelength (Vis PiFM) in a recent publication. Researchers visualized the changing absorption of a perovskite photovoltaic film at 650 nm as a function of stress voltage due to the resulting migration of cationic and anionic species. As seen in the sequential images taken at 0V, -1V, and then +1V, the migration is mostly reversible.

    Vis PiFM of changing absorption in perovskite photovoltaic film at the nanoscale level

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