PiFM @ Work

Nanochemical Mapping of Inorganics with PiFM

Rechargeable Li-ion batteries continue to be the most prevalent form of electrical energy storage technology with applications in portable electronics and electric vehicles.  One of the limiting factors in their performance is chemical and morphological changes undergone by the electrode materials, such as LiFePO4, during operation.  In order to understand phase transformations in solids, tools […] Read more

ACS 2017

Complimentary sample analysis and PiFM demo on your own samples  – We are offering demos on samples you bring to ACS Fall in Washington, D.C. this year. Demo spaces are limited, so email us today at info@molecularvista.com to reserve a demo slot! info@molecularvista.com  


Come and join us at TERS6! We’re looking forward to showcasing the PiFM technique and the Vista-IR instrument at the upcoming TERS6 event.  We’ll have many activities during the conference including: Live Demos – Live demonstrations of the instrument and PiFM technique throughout the show, Wednesday (8/16), Thursday (8/17) and Friday (8/18) Your Samples – […] Read more

Nanoscale Chemical Mapping with Extreme Surface Sensitivity

Since the dipole-dipole interaction between the induced sample dipole and the image tip dipole varies with ~ 1/z4 dependence where z is the tip-sample spacing, PiFM is expected to provide extreme surface sensitivity. We use PS(polystyrene)-b-PTMSS[poly(4-trimethylsilylstyrene)] block copolymer (BCP) with horizontal lamellae to demonstrate the surface sensitivity. The pitch L0 of the BCP is ~22 […] Read more