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  • PS-PMMA dewetted PiFM work topography
  • BCP PS-PMMA 1493 pifm 150nm
  • PS-PMMA via structure 1733 pifm
  • PS-PMMA via
  • PS only vias pifm
  • polymer blend solar cell pifm
  • azobenzene pifm work hyPIR topography
  • PAN 3D topography pifm
  • PS-b-P2VP
  • ps-ldpe gallery
  • 1493 PS-PMMA 24.5 pitch

1D/2D Materials

  • pifm work mos2 featured image
  • mose2 pifm 3D topo
  • pifm work graphene featured image

Nano Photonics

  • polariton pifm work photonics5
  • side band mfm head pifm work photonics6

Nano Plasmonics

  • nanotriangles pifm snom

Biological Samples

  • dna-origami-combined-pifm
  • triple-helix-collagen-thumbnail
  • PiFM image based on Amide I signal at 1666 1/cm of an icosahedral protein cage clearly reveal the hexagonal outline as well as the facets of the cage.
  • E-coli mica substrate via Amide I imaged on PiFM


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