PiFM Application Paper on “Nature Communications”

A new PiFM application paper was published in “Nature Communications” by Chenkai Sun, Zhi-Guo Zhang and Yongfang Li, “A low cost and high performance polymer donor material for polymer solar cells.” (doi:10.1038/s41467-018-03207-x) To read more: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-018-03207-x

PiFM measurements were taken by William Morrison from Molecular Vista in Nanjing.

PiFM application paper published on "Nature Communications" shows FTIR spectra, PiFM and PiFM+topography images of PTQ10, polymer solar cell with thermal annealing treatment.

Image: FTIR spectra and PiFM topography images. FTIR spectra and PiFM images of PTQ10: IDIC blend films based on FTIR absorption at different wave numbers (PTQ10, 805 cm-1, and IDIC, 1703 cm-1 ) with thermal annealing (TA) treatment.

In the pursuit of high-yielding, low-cost polymer donor materials for the commercial application of polymer solar cells (PSCs), PTQ10 was designed and synthesized under the supervision of Yongfang Li. PTQ10 shows promise as a polymer donor for larger area fabrications of PSCs, “In comparison with the polymer donors reported in literatures with PCE over 10%, PTQ10 shows the great advantages of low cost (benefiting by less synthetic steps and high overall yield) and high photovoltaic performance.”

For further reading about other PiFM applications, please check out our publications list: http://molecularvista.com/publications/

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