• Infrared Photo-induced Force Microscopy (IR PiFM) – Robust & Easy Nanoscale Chemical Imaging & Spectroscopy

    Think of IR PiFM as supercharged nano-FTIR imaging, with <10 nm spatial resolution and superfast nanoscale IR spectroscopy. Unlike other AFM-based techniques (s-SNOM and Raman AFM), it is robust  (a plain commercial cantilever is used) and easy  (only an incremental alignment step) to get stunning nano IR AFM absorption images. The images & spectra on the right were generated in <30 min. from start to finish (sample mounting, tip exchange, alignment, etc.) Click the image to see a video of the imaging session.

  • PIFM gives birth to IR AFM and AFM IR
  • Recent Developments

    We’re excited about hyPIRTM  (hyperspectral PiFM infrared – an image consisting of nano IR spectrum for each pixel)! This primer and video show what hyPIRTM could do for your samples, in studying phase separation, chemical interface, and chemical map with true nanoscale spatial resolution. Our Infrared AFM (IR AFM), VistaScope, makes it a reality.